Rowan is founder-director of βίδα - an artistic organisation based in Athens, which produces and organises performances (and for which he has directed several performances), as well as intermedial and related activities. He has choreographed and directed since 1994, primarily independently, and also for various companies & organisations, such as Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, One Trick Pony (NZ), Ribshift Dance Company (NZ), NomaDes Dance Company (Greece) & for various commercial and television events. Since 1998 he has also produced video & computer animation, soundtracks & remixes, websites and similar productive involvements. His own live work has been performed at Teatro Camões (World Expo 98, Lisbon), The Place Theatre (London), Bats Theatre (Wellington, NZ), Idryma Meizonos Ellinismou (Athens), Theatro Dipilon (Athens), Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation (Athens) and - including his improvisation performances - at obscure venues in various countries since 1994.


He first danced professionally at the age of 8, and on a regular professional basis since 1993. He has performed with DV8 Physical Theatre, Fin Walker, Mark Baldwin, Sue Maclennan, Duncan Macfarland (London); Companhia Paulo Ribeiro, Vasco Wellenkamp (Lisbon); Choreftes, Ohi Pezoume, Maria Tsouvala, Apostolia Papadamaki, Katerina Andriopoulou, Nicole Koutsoubeli, Vaso Giannakopoulou, Alexandra Maioletti, Jenny Argiriou, Kei Fissa (Athens); Royal New Zealand Ballet, Vienna Ballet Theatre; and numerous other dance/theatre/opera/circus groups, singers, & production companies - performing in live theatre, site-specific, film, and television work.


He has taught Astanga Yoga at several studios and health spas in Athens, and has taught dance on the faculty of Wellington Performing Arts Centre (NZ) & for workshops in the Azores, and many open dance classes elsewhere (including as resident teacher at studios in Lisbon and Athens). His "day job" is as co-supervisor/technical support for a large datacenter in Athens, Greece which provides services to the education and research community.


Rowan is presently focused on directing dance-theatre & video work, computer systems-administration (Linux) & software development, DJ-ing, and campaigning for ecological responsibility whenever possible. He maintains a stubbornly text-based website at, and tries to find time to maintain his yoga practise adequately, and wants to take up rock-climbing again. He has worked intermittently as a computer programmer, clown, camera assistant, trombonist, juggler, café manager, cleaner, archiver/researcher, and database facilitator...